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Wilberforce Court

Wilberforce Court is a remarkable redevelopment situated at the heart of the city’s Museum Quarter that will soon house a number of new residential apartments while encircling a private courtyard.

These exquisite contemporary apartments have been designed with a real eye for detail, the central setting allows great access for professionals needing to utilise the train links or anyone wanting to benefit from this superb high street position.

Once completed the property will contain 151 units, 149 being one-bedroom units and 2 will be two-bedroom units.

HJ Property Hull (4).jpg

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As an economy, Hull’s future is looking exceptionally bright. The city has a history of crafting economic strategies with great success: its 10-year City Plan, launched in 2013, delivered over 20,000 jobs and procured investment of around £3.5 billion by 2020. The city’s economic strength is bolstered by its significant attractions as a place to live and work, with its position as a major port marking out Hull as a key area for trade, advanced manufacturing, and logistics. Given these favourable characteristics, it is no surprise to learn that Hull’s population is set to rise in the coming years.

Of course, the city has more to commend itself than economic statistics. Taking a wider view of the Yorkshire region in which Hull rests, the city is just a short trip away from the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, making Hull an attractive prospect for those who enjoy the best of England’s green and pleasant lands. Between its closeness to natural beauty, dependable economic strategies, and consummate affordability, Hull shows every sign of being a lucrative investment for any investor willing to seize the day.

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Once completed, the property will contain 151 units finished to a high standard with an internal private courtyard, a concierge service and ample parking for cars and bikes.

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