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Get To Know HJC

HJ Collection is a nationwide developer with its own professionally managed property bond. After years of working with quality developers and forging strong working relationships, we can now utilise our expertise, experience, and contacts to provide a dependable property company and investment firm that you can trust. Working with different construction partners up and down the country puts us in an excellent position of ensuring we always maximise the full potential of the UK property market and enables us to realise our assets utmost profits.

Our strong business model sets us aside from other developers but it's our financial management and experience that is hugely incomparable in the marketplace. CEO, Reece Mennie, has worked with several quality UK property developers providing an efficient and successful bond facility for developers to connect with investors and produce quality portfolios. Establishing these close working relationships with a select group of property developers has not only provided a unique insight into sourcing top locations for new sites but also, an understanding of what will provide investors with maximum security and optimum returns.  

How We Do It

We continue to work and forge relationships with several quality contractors who share our business model. Using this combined experience we develop desirable, affordable living spaces through an intelligent and innovative approach to urban regeneration. We professionally manage the whole process on behalf of investors and include investors in updates, site tours and virtual viewings.

HJ Collection About Us
HJ Collection About Us

Our Vision

To produce sustainable, efficient, and affordable living accommodation for all. While establishing HJ Collection as a household name for providing dependable investment opportunities in both the development sector and alternative property investment industry. 

Why Property?

Property remains one of the most popular forms of investing for consumers because of the potential returns from the UK property market. Property Bonds are one of the most attractive options for gaining access, quickly and easily, to that sector without the many downsides of direct property ownership.

HJ Collection About Us



High Yield

No Fees

Security Trustee

Propert Bonds

Let's Talk About Property Bonds

With UK interest rates at historic lows and the recent tax, legislative, and regulatory changes, the attractiveness of buy-to-let investments has diminished significantly over the last 3 years. Highly researched and transparent Property Bonds can represent an exciting way for self-certified investors to generate a healthy return on their money, while still investing in a market they are familiar with. Investors achieve this by lending their capital (which is why they are often referred to as ‘loan notes’) to a property development company in return for a fixed rate of interest over a fixed period of time.

Property Bonds can potentially offer the best of both worlds: attractive fixed returns with the security of ‘bricks and mortar’. Generally, Property Bonds are issued by individual developers and investors’ returns are linked to the sole capabilities, and the projects undertaken by, that specific developer.


Unlike these conventional property-backed loan notes, HJ Collection has a managed Property Bond portfolio comprising of multiple contractors/developers, and therefore providing maximum diversification over multiple developments.



Reece Mennie HJ Collection

Our CEO, Reece Mennie, has been the mind behind a vast array of high-level investment opportunities since his co-founding of Hunter Jones in 2013.

He cut his entrepreneurial teeth in a sales role acquired at age 15, holding no formal qualifications but discovering a flair for salesmanship and – as his career developed – an affinity for real estate. These qualities have seen Reece successfully build a number of successful business enterprises, including Hunter Jones, HJ Collection, and Bigas Marketing.​

Today, Reece enjoys a well-earned reputation as a property investment and development expert, committed to sourcing capital and providing investors with strong returns while simultaneously playing a part in sustainably easing the UK’s current housing shortage. He has raised over £200M from private investors over the last few years, developing out over 1,000 units at a GDV in excess of £350m, completing over 30 projects in the last 5 years alone along with his development partners, providing an extraordinary track record of client success.

Having become a leading personality in the industry, especially on the back of his successful podcast series “Mennie Talks,” the B2B and property expert recently decided to use his entrepreneurial skills and resources to give back to the local community via the launch of the Dennis and Dyer Boxing Academy, helping people to improve their physical and mental health while nurturing the next generation of boxers.

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