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HJ Collection Interview Series Sitting Down With Joe Barker, Director of Operations

Joe Barker, Director of Operations
Joe Barker

1. Can you tell us about your journey and what led you to join our team as the Operations Director?

My journey in construction began at age 12, when I worked on my family's sites. I studied Construction at Chelmsford College and Construction Engineering Management at Loughborough University.

With roles at Skanska and Multiplex, contributing to major projects like 22 Bishopsgate, I gained experience in contractor and client roles. Affiliated with CIOB, RICS, RIBA, and APM, I joined HJ Collection in July, drawn by Reece's vision. Now, I focus on developing our team and infrastructure for upcoming projects.

2. How do you plan to align our company's operations with rapidly changing property market conditions?

The existing team at HJ showcases exceptional drive and determination. My goal is to fortify our delivery capacity to handle next year's workload efficiently. I plan to optimise our project timeline for better delivery effectiveness and consistently high-quality results. This will also enhance our adaptability by fine-tuning the processes we use, allowing us to respond to market changes swiftly.

3. Could you discuss any new markets or sectors within property development that you believe our company should explore?

HJ Collection already implement green practises where possible, however, this is an area I think could grow in the coming years. Exploring sustainable development and mixed-use projects within property development could open new avenues. The popularity of investors, renters, and buyers is increasing year on year. Sustainable building practices and mixed-use developments cater to growing consumer demands and align with global sustainability goals. Embracing these trends could help our company stay ahead and tap into evolving market segments.

4. What measures do you believe are crucial for maintaining and increasing asset value in our current projects?

Maintaining and increasing asset value in property development projects involves a multifaceted approach. It starts with ensuring top-notch construction quality and adherence to high standards throughout the project. Effective project management is crucial, minimising delays and ensuring timelines are met. Incorporating innovative designs that align with market demands and prioritising sustainability and energy efficiency all contribute to the property's lasting appeal. Engaging with the community also plays a pivotal role in upholding the property's condition and overall value. Finally, consistency in our construction and development process significantly impacts a successful strategic approach.

5. How will your expertise contribute to strengthening our company’s position as a leader in the property investment industry?

I see the impressive skill diversity and extensive experience in the HJ Collection team. With a background deeply rooted in construction and project management, I aim to optimise operational efficiency and elevate project delivery standards. By implementing refined procurement strategies, streamlining processes, and fostering a culture of innovation, I intend to enhance our competitiveness and elevate the quality of our offerings. Additionally, my experience in optimising asset value and maintaining consistency throughout projects will fortify our brand image, cementing our position in the industry. Ultimately, my goal is to synergise my expertise with the existing strengths of our team, propelling us towards continued growth and industry leadership.


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