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New Apartment Development on schedule for completion in Doncaster Town Centre

A new 14-unit apartment development is on schedule for completion in Doncaster Town Centre.

‘Attey’s House’, Cleveland Street, is located a short distance from the new civic and cultural quarter, offering an ideal location for buy-to-let investors.

Due to be completed in 2021, the site is currently being developed in partnership with Northern construction partner, Empire Property Concepts, where all 14 apartments will be built and finished to a high standard, including key sustainable and environmentally friendly features.

Purchased at £670,000 by property portfolio manager, HJ Collection, Atteys House is forecast to be valued at £1.4 million on completion.

One of three sites being refurbished by HJ Collection, the apartment block is being developed alongside a commercial and residential unit in Barnsley town centre, together with a 112-unit site in St Helens.

Reece Mennie, Founder and CEO of HJ Collection, confirmed: “In recent years, Doncaster has become an attractive location for both property development and investment, following record levels of inward investment, which amounted to approximately £460 million.

As a result, there is a growing demand for new and attractive housing solutions, like Atteys House, particularly for the increasing community of young professionals now working in and around the town centre.“

A proven property and finance expert, Reece Mennie launched HJ Collection in early 2019 following the success of his City-based investment introducing firm, Hunter Jones.

Despite the challenge presented by COVID-19, Reece and the HJ Collection team remain focused on acquiring and refurbishing new developments during 2020, particularly as the UK enters a ‘buyers’ market’.

Reece added: “HJ Collection has been created to revolutionise the development sector and the asset-backed loan note market by diversifying risk for investors and developing attractive residential sites in strategic locations across the UK.

With strong financial expertise and development experience, HJ Collection is positioned to take advantage of the buyers’ market we now face and are focused on acquiring new sites to aid the continued growth of our portfolio in the coming months.“


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