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Property Investing In An Uncertain Economy

Property in the UK has always been a popular choice for investors. From the tangibility of bricks and mortar to the growing population, the property market has stood the test of time and even flourished during the pandemic. However, with inflation rising and the economy feeling increasingly uncertain, are property investments still the right choice?

The easy answer is yes. Rents have risen at their fastest pace for 16 years, according to Rightmove. The average cost of renting a home reached a record £1,126 outside of London and £2,257 a month inside the capital. With increasing rental demand and not enough quality accommodation, investors can feel assured that there will always be a market for rental properties in the UK. Even with the changes to mortgages and stamp duty on second homes, rental yields are growing in certain areas, and the demand is balancing with the rising property prices, therefore contributing to an increase in capital growth from your property's value.

But what happens if your property value decreases? Here at HJ Collection, we get asked this question a lot. We understand that it is a risk for property prices to reduce. However, the demand is only growing, and our thorough process to vet locations, developments, and yields allow us to minimise the risk of devaluation. Building in locations that have some of the best capital growth in the UK and the highest levels of employment play a large part in a development's success and the onward success of in years to come.

The economy may feel uncertain, but property investing has never felt stronger. For investors, it answers the age-old question of why you shouldn't leave your money in the banks. Property provides solid returns, income, and capital growth. However, picking a suitable property investment for your needs and budget has never been more critical. HJ Collection has a curated portfolio of opportunities to give investors the highest rental yields in locations mapped for growth.

Get in touch with us today to find the right opportunity for you and your future.


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