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HJ Collection returns first interest payment to investors

HJ Collection, a professional developer with a managed property bond portfolio, has returned its first annual interest payment to investors.

Headquartered in London, HJ Collection launched its first asset-backed property investment bond in 2019, offering high net worth and sophisticated investors attractive returns over a two-year period.

Since this time, the property bond provider has raised in excess of GBP15 million, resulting in the acquisition and development of multiple commercial to residential sites located in prime Northern and Southern hotspots of the UK.

With all current sites on track for completion in spite of restrictions imposed during 2020, HJ Collection released its first annual interest payment in August 2020 and has continued to do so each month since this date.

Reece Mennie, Founder and CEO of HJ Collection, says: “HJ Collection was created to completely revolutionise both the development sector and property bond market by establishing a managed portfolio comprising of multiple developers, with vast, global investor support.

Paying back our first interest round to investors not only reinforces the strength and validity of our strategy, but also cements the value of alternative property investment compared to buy-to-let; as our investors have received above-average, fixed returns via the security of bricks and mortar, without the hassle of looking after tenants or worrying about the current pandemic.”

A proven property and finance expert, Reece Mennie launched HJ Collection in early 2019 following the success of his City-based investment introducing firm, Hunter Jones.

Despite Covid-19, Reece and the HJ Collection team remain focused and have successfully placed the brand at the forefront of the property development sector by continuing to acquire and refurbish new developments, with multiple sites in place for 2021.

Reece adds: “The HJ Collection team and I pride ourselves on being able to identify innovative development investment opportunities, which enable us to produce sustainable, efficient and affordable living accommodation in desirable locations.

Where many developers have spent the last quarter concerned about the impact of Covid-19, we have pushed on – ensuring all existing developments remain on track, whilst returning promised interest payments to our investors and sourcing new deals that have true potential to become large residential developments.”

Focused on maximising Government Schemes, including Permitted Development Rights, to expand its managed portfolio and create new residential developments, the first HJ Collection asset-backed property bond is due to meet capacity for investment by the close of Q1 in 2021.


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